Hi, I’m Angela.

I am a Widow. More specifically, I am a War Widow and a Suicide Widow.

Of course, I’m not just a widow. I’m also a mum, an author, a writer and a business owner.

Unfortunately, the term ‘widow’ seems to be the title most relevant in my life at the moment and since it dominates my life, I have created this website as an outlet for my thoughts and feelings, but also as a way o connect with other widows.

Let me give you the cliff notes version of how I became a widow. My husband died in July 2017. He’d been serving in the Middle East when he suffered a severe spinal injury. On his return home, despite successful surgery, he lived for about a year with chronic pain and depression. Ultimately, he took his own life. And, in just four sentences, I’ve summarised the worst period of my life.

I live in the beautiful South West of Western Australia with my children, my dog and my two cats. I try to keep life simple but grief is an emotional rollercoaster that keeps me on my toes and life is never simple at the best of times.

Please comment and share your stories with me. We may be alone in our journey, but that doesn’t mean we can’t go through it together.